September Issues

September Issues

A few weeks ago, I woke up and it was just barely not hot, so I threw some chili in the crockpot and drove down the street and bought the September issues of Vogue and Marie Claire. I'd like a one-way ticket to fall-town, please!

I used to buy the September issues of a lot of magazines, but I've found anything over two gets repetitive, plus Vogue is $10 this year and I wasn't in the mood to drop $30 on magazines. I like Elle and Harper's Bazaar, but Vogue and Marie Claire consistently deliver, so I went with those.

Who knows if anything I flagged is actually on trend - I mean, probably, it's in a magazine - but I flagged things that would work with pieces I already own, or feel like I could own, hashtag:  WomenBeThrifting.

This year's September issue of Vogue costs $10, weighs in at 800 pages and comes with a fold-out poster of Kendall Jenner for your dorm room. So... worth it?

You can call these whatever you want. I'm calling them Formation jackets. And luckily, I own a few. Back before they were trendy, I would pick them up at thrift stores, drawn to the bright red and gold. I have two or three. These jackets were in all the magazines

last year

too, but they're styled differently this year, more formal, and I like it.

I would almost,


, go back to Corporate American just so I could wear a full-length, velvet (?) animal print skirt suit. It may surprise you to learn that I do not own anything animal-print. I try, but it's tricky because there's good animal print and bad animal print, and I can usually only afford the bad kind. But I'm on the prowl! (Prowl, heh.)

1.  Suuuuuper into patches. It had previously not occurred to me to put them on anything besides a denim jacket.

2.  Love a retro secretary blouse. They're a dime a dozen at thrift stores, but the fit is boxy. I'll keep trying.

3.  This is a Dolce & Gabbana "sack coat". You can't tell, but the polka dots glitter. I love this coat. I also love the punk styling:  the exaggerated safety pin earring and the knee high silver combat boots.

4.  I don't pick up what Kate Spake's putting down, but I would rock the shit out of this black swan bag. Believe that.

I flagged this first picture for the messy beach waves I will never get right, but I also like the eyeshadow story. This Chanel ad I love - the eyeshadow, the bright red lip - yes!

A much more wallet-friendly magazine, Marie Claire cost me $5 and has 316 pages. Totally worth it.

A full page of Formation inspiration. I'm into all of this. That red cape (Saint Laurent)? YES. That red and gold square bag (Dolce & Gabbana)? Yes.

This Longchamp ad is meh, but I'm interested in figuring out a cool way to tie silk scarves and bandanas around my neck. This isn't quite it, but it's a reminder to figure it out. Oh hey, silver boots. I thrifted a pair of you

this summer

for $5, which thank God because these are $1,190 from Proenza Schouler.

Upon first glance, these pictures are crazy. I mean, there's a monkey. But if you look at them as a sum of their parts, there's a lot of good stuff there:  silk robes/kimonos, animal print, houndstooth, mixed patterns, large clutch, etc. There's a translation of these outfits that I would wear, and I would 100% carry that monkey.

I like the dark purple lip on the first face and the eyeshadow and lipstick on the second. I've bought three different kinds of purple lipstick and I have yet to figure out how to wear it. You won't beat me, purple lipstick!

Pinterest! Every year I make a new fall inspiration board.

Here is

my new one for this year. I'm still adding to it, but it's real clear what direction I'm headed in, and that direction is crazy. Stay tuned!

P.S. I wonder if I followed through on any of my

2015 fashion promises

. Probably not. I never did figure out that black and white manicure.

P.P.S. Are we following each other on


? Know that I will text you to mock your pins, but it's done in love. I mean, someone has to tell you that you can't make pizza out of cauliflower.

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