Friday Links

Friday Links

Reading This Week...

All hail, thirty years of


! What a woman of color told her white friend when he asked her opinion on

white privilege

. Happy twelfth birthday,


! If you want people to read your political posts on Facebook, bury them in an apology,

like this

. A look back at

Gene Wilder

, the master of the comedic pause. I love


so much! Oh great, body issues can start at

three years old


If I Could Have Dinner With Anyone...

Michelle Obama

Ann Patchett

Mike Birbiglia

lulz of the Week...

Eyes and Ears...

Don't sleep on Sooo White Guys. Phoebe's

interview with Roxane Gay

this week is A+++. How many times have you watched Beyonce's FIFTEEN MINUTE

performance on the VMA's

? Just once? Loser. I found a new podcast called


. The jury is still out, but hey, maybe I'll learn something. I watched

Elvis and Nixon

 and was surprised at how much I liked it (it's on Amazon Prime). TV-wise, I'm still watching

Jane the Virgin


Stranger Things



The Girls

We Were Liars

Mankiller:  A Chief and Her People


Robes and kimonos are all over the place for fall. I'm not sure I know how to wear this, but it was 50% off of $2.99, so... I own it now.

I Endorse...

You're the tits

 greeting card

Putting your weight in your

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John Donovan

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Snapchat Vs. Instagram Stories