Friday Links

Friday Links

Reading This Week...

Stacy London on turning 47, how society treats women in their forties, and "

finding my trouser pockets are filled fewer and fewer fucks

". Do you guys


? I don't either, but I'm about to because it involves all of my favorite fall leisure activities:  socks, coffee and baking. Speaking of fall, I don't watch sportsball, but I do live and die for snacks. So if you're having friends over for The Big Game, and there's

going to be dip

, please call me. Now seems like a good time to bring up leggings as pants, and wearing whatever in the hell you like,

plus size fashion rules be damned


If I Could Have Dinner With Anyone...

Elizabeth Gilbert


Julie Klausner

The Duffer Brothers


Eyes and Ears...

You guys, John and I finally finished watching 

Stranger Things

. Whoa! Okay, I'm ready. Let's have all the conversations. I sped-read Amy Schumer's

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo


 If you're the least bit interested in reading it, I highly recommend you do so. I loved it. I like to watch documentaries while I paint my nails and I watched a really good one,

The First Monday in May

. (It's on Netflix.) It's a behind-the-scenes look at how the annual NYC Met Ball comes together. It's fascinating! If you want to feel really good about your life, might I recommend

Anna Faris is Unqualified featuring Courtney Love

? Holy shit, you guys. Whatever you think about Courtney Love, it is one thousand times worse.


I bought this glorious unicorn at Goodwill for $2.50. It was 50% off of $4.99. Not that I wouldn't have paid $4.99 for it. As soon as John's not looking, I'm going to hang it over our bed.

I Endorse...

New York from behind

Right to bare arms

This teenage bat

An Interview with Biology Lab Technician Chrysa Malosh

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