Weekend Wrap Up: Blog Redesign Edition

This weekend was kind of dorky...  I spent both days messing with my blog.  It all started with font.  I  hated the font on my blog & set about looking for other fonts.  After days of futile CSS (I don't even know what that is, but don't I sound smart?) & HTML coding, I surrendered the font battle & decided to refocus my efforts on layout & adding social media buttons.  That, I can do.  HTML, not so much.  Thanks for nothing, Blogger.  I'll probably keep tweaking it because that's what I do, but I like the new layout & design.

On Saturday morning, I went to yoga & then stayed after for weights.  My friend Sarah stayed, too & showed me the weight routine she did with her trainer back in West Virginia.  It's legit.  I've been bored with what I'm doing, so I was eager to learn something new.  Poor Sarah, I can't believe she has the patience to continue trying to teach me things.  After some initial resistance & confusion, I got on board & ended up loving all the new exercises.  I'm real stuck on doing 3 sets of 10 on each muscle/exercise & Sarah's way is to max out, regardless of the reps.  I know that she's right, but my brain does better with set numbers/limits.  I'll get there.  Thanks, Sarah!

From lunch until dinner, I did nothing but futilely try to add custom font to my blog.  Attention companies hiring for web developers, do not hire me.  Ever.  Hunger finally broke me, so John & I walked next door to Korea House.  It was delicious!

Sunday was our last run as Oak Barrel is this week, so we met yesterday for an easy taper run.  We met at Jaime's & ran 6 miles on/around the Richland Park Greenway & then went to Dose.  Y'all, I'm obsessed with this spicy egg on rosemary Parm biscuit.  It's a problem.

Also a problem?  Living down the street from Bobbie's Dairy Dip.  Remind me to tell you about the summer I gained 9 lbs in ice cream weight.  It was 2 years ago & I wish I was kidding.

I had been messing around on my blog all day & skipped lunch.  I broke around 3:30 & the only cure for my ineptitude to do things I have zero training in & should really be paying someone to do for me, was ice cream.  Sweet, sweet, sprinkle-covered ice cream.

So this was my lunch yesterday.  Whatever.  I stand by my choice.  John & I lounged around & watch SNL, ran some errands & then made french fries & grilled out hamburgers.  Hello, spring!

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