March Beauty Favorites

Welcome to the third installment of:  Stuff I Buy At Target!  While




focused on moisture, March is more fun because it's almost spring & I can put away the red lipstick & black nail polish.  Yahoo!

I'm a loyal Kiehl's customer for many reasons, but one of them is their recycling rewards program.  You get points for every empty Kiehl's bottle you return to the store.  This

Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak

was one of my recycling rewards.  That big 8 oz jar is just $25 & has lasted me a year.  I use it once a week.  It heals my hair from all the processing, styling & chlorine.  It's real good.  Trust.

Years ago, I asked my colorist what shampoo & conditioner he used & he said Organix.  I had seen the weird little bottles at Target, but had never tried them.  This was a few years ago when Moroccan oil was all the rage, so I was pumped to find a drugstore version.  I've been using it ever since.

Pro tip:  I recently started using this conditioner as shaving cream for under my arms & it's made a huge difference!  My armpits (sorry) are always raw & bumpy & terrible, but not since I replaced my shaving cream with this.


Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

was one of the first things I bought from Birchbox last year & I just ran out.  Recently, I had $60 worth of Birchbox points & had decided I'd switch it up & buy the more expensive

dr. brandt microdermabrasion skin exfoliant

.  I did some serious internet research (read:  Amazon reviews) & realized that these two products do the exact same thing, but one is $34 & one is $78.  Duh.  I re-bought the $34 Vasanti.  I highly recommend it, especially for sensitive skin.

Well, I caved & bought

this $10 hand lotion

.  I had been warned that it was a tiny bottle, and, surprise, it is.  I love the consistency & scent of this lotion, but it's the same size as a travel shampoo.

Nails!  Okay, so my friend Jaime has two daughters & they like to play Beauty Shop, so Jaime bought

this awesome kit

from Sephora.  Every time I see her nails, I want the polish, especially the top coats.  I finally went to Sephora & bought 

this one

, but honestly, at $12.50 a pop, if you're going to buy a few, just buy the $55 kit.

I've been using my Demolition top coat over Essie Tart Deco & Essie Mint Candy Apple.  I love it!  Side note:  people that have seen my nails in person have asked if it's hard to remove & it is, but whatever.  I like a challenge.

I'm officially retiring my matte red lip for now.  It just feels too winter & not enough spring.  I'm in the mood for a bright, matte orange lip, but I haven't found one yet.  In the meantime, I'm using this Loreal Colour Riche in Fiery Veil.  It's a sheer orange & has a lot of color for what it is.  It'll do until I find what I want.

I got this other lipstick via Birchbox & love it.  I can't believe I still have any left because it's such a great everyday color.  If I ever run out, I'll definitely purchase another one:  

Model Co Party Proof Matte Lipstick

.  The color I have is Peony.

Send your bright, matte orange lipstick recs my way!

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