Weekend Wrap Up: S'ghetti Edition

My Saturday started like it usually does, with yoga & strength training.  And yes, I did more dragon flags.  Back at home, it turned out to be a good mail day.  The


dress I ordered came in, along with a bunch of stuff I ordered from


.  The dress isn't super flattering because it's a smock shape, but I like it.  The Birchbox stuff I got totally for free because I had so many Birchbox points.  Women be online shopping.

And P.S. - that bottle of Handmade lotion is TEENY.  It's about the size of a travel shampoo.  Not cool, Birchbox.  Not cool.

It was so nice outside on Saturday that I had a hard time staying at home.  I ran all of my usual Nashville West errands.  Saw Mike & Chrissi at Target & got to spend some time holding the world's biggest baby.  Still not ready to go home, I drove out to McKay.  I didn't find anything for me, but I got these ridiculous books for John.  Click through to


to see the insanity that is

The Book Of Survival


The Oak Barrel half marathon is two weeks away, so yesterday was our last long, training run.  We met at Percy Warmer & ran the 11.2.  This was my second time running it & I had definitely built it up to be harder than it actually was.  Not a great finish time, but we walked some of the hills.  My knees buckled a little at the end, coming back downhill, so I stopped short.  I really wanted my watch to hit 11.2, but my knees were screaming, so I stopped.

I spent basically the rest of the day styling & restyling these Ikea shelves in our kitchen/dining room.  It all started with that basket.  I bought it last week at Southern Thrift for $3.99 & I


to find it a home.  I'm kind of obsessed with knick knack styling.  I even have a

Pinterest board

for it.  Four hours & a lot of Pin-spiration later, this is the finished product.  I like it!

John & I eat at home almost every night & spend a lot of time finding & trying new recipes, but every now & then, you just need something old school.  Also, John's more likely to help me make it if it involves meat.  Voila, Sunday night s'ghetti!

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