Weekend Wrap Up: I Hate My Knee Edition

On Saturday morning, I went back to Iyengar yoga at the Downtown Y.  I'm still loving that class!  On my way home, I ran into Cumberland Transit to get more Huma gels for my long runs & found a rack of cycling gear on sale for 40 - 50% off.  I got these Pearl Izumi Sugar cycling shorts for $30 & these Pearl Izumi fleece-lined, thermal tights for $60 (regularly $120).  The tights are for cycling AND running, which I'm pretty thrilled about.

My friend (& 3-time Ironman) Julie (Hot Koh Koh!) had her training team over on Saturday to talk about Ironman Chattanooga & what races to do leading up to it.  I'm not doing IM Chattanooga, I'm doing Augusta 70.3, but there's a strong chance I'll be joining their team, so I'll be training & racing with them a lot this year.  Also, I have a lot of questions & these people have answers.  ALSO, I need a lot of reassurance about my life choices.

I not only got answers to my million questions & reassurance about my life choices, I got gear!  My awesome friend Chatty loaned me her bike trainer so I can ride in the house on days like today when it's -10 degrees outside.  I've never been so excited about something that's going to be so incredibly boring.  Thanks, Chatty!

On Saturday night, John & I met Keith & Nicole for dinner at Korea House.  It was so cold & that spicy kimchi stew was exactly what I wanted.  Walking back home, we watched a wreck happen in front of our house.  Some man was teaching his 18 year old daughter? girlfriend? how to drive & she missed the turn & drove into the back of Pizza Hut.  It was like -4 degrees outside & neither of them had coats.  John stood with them while they waited on the police & I made him give her a blanket & gloves, which, thank god, because they ended up standing out there for easily an hour & a half.  Never a dull moment!

On Sunday morning, I met my lady gang to get in 9 miles before snowpocalypse hit.  Every week, I start running & wonder, 'Is today the day my knee is going to go out?'.  Well, that day was yesterday.  Awesome.  It ached the whole run, but went out around mile 7.  I consoled myself with a rosemary parm biscuit from Dose.

My friends & I have decided that my current knee issue is probably due to 2 things:  1) I need new shoes (purchased yesterday); & 2) I need to increase the mileage on my mid-week runs.  I know better than to not run all week, or to just run the 3-mile Pancake Run, & then run 9 miles on the weekend.  DUMB.

Because I'm smart & went to the grocery store on Saturday, I got to spend yesterday doing nothing.  I finally finished all my library books, so I was able to start 



.  I'm only 100 pages in, but man, this book is kind of ripping my heart out.  The explosion/NYC stuff hits a little closer to home than I'm comfortable with, but it's so good.  Donna Tartt, you do not disappoint.  To be continued.

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