Half Ironman 70.3 Augusta -- Doing It!

Well, I guess I'm doing this now that I've spent the equivalent of a car payment registering for it.  To explain, this is an Ironman branded race, but it's half distance, not full, so I won't be an "Ironman" when I finish.  The full Ironman distance is 140.6.  I'm doing 70.3, which breaks down as follows:

Swim:  1.2 miles

Bike:  56 miles

Run:  13.1 miles (half marathon)

70.3 miles total.  It'll probably take me around 7 hours, give or take.  The race is on Sunday, September 28th - same day as Ironman Chattanooga.  The good thing about these two huge races being on the same day is that I can train with all my friends doing IM Chattanooga & we can do a lot of training races together this summer.

Speaking of training, at this level, I'm going to join a team & train with a coach.  I have a meeting next week with the team most of my friends use, so I'll report back.  I cannot believe this is my life.  Who knew?!

It's way too early to start training, but I do need to get back in shape.  I fell off the wagon when I got sick in November & have put on about 6 lbs.  Granted, I'm assuming a good 3 lbs of that is water weight from New Year's Eve, but still.  I need to get the Christmas weight off & get back in the pool & back on the bike.  I just want to be ready to train when it's time to train.  I don't want to have not been in the pool since August, which is the case right now...  Same goes for the bike.  Sorry, bike.

So yeah, this is what I'm doing with my life.  To be continued...

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Peace Out, 2013!