Weekend Wrap Up: 11 Miles Edition

We dog-sat Johnny for Dave & Alexis this weekend.  Linda has a pretty serious crush on Johnny, as evidenced by this picture of Linda watching Johnny sleep.  Totally not creepy.



!!!  I've had my eye on that friendship bracelet one since it came out.  And the pink glitter hearts?  Obviously, I need those.  OBVIOUSLY.

P.S. They just released a new Tattly - it's an

ax & hammer

& I want it so bad!

Tandem sleeping.  I thought this angle was hilarious because both Linda & Johnny's ears were sticking up while they slept.  Bless them.

You may remember, during my 10 mile run

last week

, my knee gave out & I was going to see a physical therapist.  After a week of physical therapy, & rest, I was cleared to try & run 11 miles on Sunday.  It had to be flat & I had to stop as soon as my knee started hurting.  They taped my knee just to be safe.

Well, I'm happy to report I shockingly ran the entire 11 miles pain free.  I really didn't think I would be able to run that far without my knee hurting, but I did.  When I saw my PT on Monday, she couldn't believe it either.  She said I've recovered really fast this time.  My knee is still taped & I'm still in PT, but I'm getting MUCH better.  I even went to Hell Class yesterday!

We are the most non-football caring people in the world.  Regardless, I made chili & cheesy beer bread, like you do.  I watched the beginning & the half time show.  P.S. Beyonce - yes!!!  But we didn't watch the game.  We watched Hoarders instead & I fell asleep at like 8:30pm.  Living large!

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Emily Owens, M.D.