I'm going to a cookie swap on Sunday & I need to decide what cookies to make/bring.  I've been scouring the internet & bookmarking recipes as I go.  Below are a few of the cookies that are calling out to me.

Picture & recipe from My Baking Addiction

Snowball cookies, aka Mexican wedding cookies.  I love these cookies, which is surprising since I'm typically a big chocolate lover.  I could eat an entire batch by myself & subsequently, probably will.  I don't know, it's something about all that butter, sugar & flour.  It speaks to me. 

Picture & recipe from Crepes of Wrath

I'm a big fan of Crepes of Wrath & bookmarked these cookies awhile ago.  I mean, how you could go wrong with salted chocolate & caramel?  The answer:  you can't. Might be above my pay-grade though.

Picture & recipe from For Me, For You

Okay, these?  These I've been dying to make since Kate first posted this recipe.  These are a front runner because I can make the dough tonight & then bake them on Sunday morning.  Hmmm.... 

Picture & recipe from Alexis

I'm probably not going to make these cookies because of all the ingredients I'd have to buy, but I've had them & they are DELICIOUS! 

FYI -- there's a post on My Baking Addiction about how to host a holiday cookie exchange, which you can read here, if you're so inclined.  Lots of cute ideas.

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