Weekend Wrap Up: I Might Have A Sugar Problem Edition

Claudia & I getting our post-race drink on.  What, like you don't drink at 8am?

Clue!  Question:  why is "Clue" in quotes...?

New lipstick (recommended by Mary Katherine):  Loreal British Red.  J'adore!

Salted chocolate and caramel cookies!

The Cookie Swap spread.

This is what I ate for lunch yesterday.  Oh, & champagne.  And 20 mini quiche.

Book Swap!

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I finally watched Crazy, Stupid, Love.  OMG, ya'll.  O-M-G.  Mary Katherine had warned me that I needed to be ready for Ryan Gosling's jelly, so per her instructions, I watched it alone while John worked downstairs.  I was watching it, it was cute, Ryan Gosling's hot, blah blah blah, & then the 'dirty dancing' scene happened & I was like, "Oh!  Oh, I get it.  Holy sh*t!".


At 6:45am on Saturday, I drove to Bells Bend with my friends Claudia & Anthony for the second Yazoo Barely a 4K Beer Run.  It was fun, but it was cold & the entire run was uphill.  My calves are still locked up.  After my 9am Yazoo drunk (not really), I went Christmas shopping with my mom in Green Hills.  That night, John & I drove to Smyrna to hang out with Katie & Rollum.  We ate Jet's Pizza & played Clue.  It was awesome!


Yesterday was Cookie Swap / Book Swap.  After a lot of going back & forth, I finally decided on the salted chocolate & caramel cookies.  They were delicious right out of the oven, but became harder to eat/chew as they cooled & the caramel hardened.  Still really good cookies; I definitely recommend them.  The cookie swap was so much fun.  I ate my weight in cookies & mini quiche, but I had a blast.  Thanks for hosting, Hot Koh Koh!

Preston Leatherman, aka My Christmas Hero