New Dog Bed: FAIL

A little back story, when we got Linda over a year & a half ago, I went out & bought her the first dog bed I could find, thinking I'd replace it with a better one later. Ha! Little did I know how much she would fall in love with that crappy, $20 dog bed from Big Lots.

Fast forward to last week. My friend Haylee was giving away free dog beds. A friend of hers makes them out of leftover upholstery scraps & gives them away to shelters, etc. I took one home for Linda, ready to burn that horrible, filthy one she's been laying on for over a year. I put the new one where the old one was & moved the old one down to John's studio, where she likes to hang out now that he's home all the time. I'm realizing now the error of my ways. I think John said it best, "How would you feel if you came home & I had moved the couch into the garage?" Touche.

Obviously, she's not going to start using the new bed when her beloved old bed is still in the house. For a week, I've tried to get her to use her new bed by putting treats in it, etc., to no avail. You see, my friends, Linda is smarter than I am. It pains me to say that, but it's true. The joke's on me.

It has been suggested that I bring her decrepit old bed back upstairs & place it on top of the new bed & then one day take the old bed away. Away meaning away, not downstairs.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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