Weekend Wrap Up

Lady date with Libby & Katie. We went to Siam Cafe on/off Nolensville Road. It was my first time there & I LOVED it. It was so good! And cheap! Definitely going back.

Book club! MK & I picked up Jessica & went to Heidi's for afternoon cocktails & snacks. Oh yeah, and books. I'm still plowing my way through Homicide, but I picked up the second Emily Giffin book, Something Blue. I'm going to need a break if I ever finish Homicide.

For dinner, we met Mike & Chrissi at Cinco. I'm learning a lot about chemo, for instance, apparently some people will eat nothing but Wendy's Frosties and Eggo waffles during treatment week. We decided Mike should have a "chemo persona" similar to Beyonce's stage persona, Sasha Fierce. We spent the rest of dinner coming up with possible names.

As most of you know, I graduate from TSU this December. Before I graduate, on November 5th to be exact, I have to take a comprehensive exam, aka the comps. I've joined a study group that meets for an hour three times a week from now until the exam. Yesterday was our second meeting. Since Jessica is in my study group, we decided to meet for a 3 mile run first. We ran the 3 mile Belmont Blvd loop, then met Emily at Bongo Java for two hours of studying.

Post run, I made a big pot of cheesy, potato soup & drove it out to Mister Cathope in Bellevue. Yes, these wheels do in fact deliver meals. Respect! After making the soup, I decided I didn't want to make dinner, so we went to Kien Giang with Mike & Amanda. Lots of eating out this weekend. I need to scale it back this week.

New Dog Bed: FAIL

Pancake Run