Weekly Roundup 7.21.19

Weekly Roundup 7.21.19


When the news gets too bad (all the time), or my anxiety gets too high (all the time), I have to take Twitter breaks, which I did this week and is why you will find approximately zero links to articles. I didn’t read anything. Sorry, not sorry.

Speaking of anxiety. Man, have you guys heard of this thing called childbirth? One of my closest friends had a baby this week and she texted me to tell me she was in labor and then I didn’t hear from her again. Everything’s fine, she was just busy having a THIRTY-FOUR HOUR LABOR. Our culture is so weird about having a baby. Everything is so enthusiastic and celebratory, which, duh, but it also hides that fact that bad shit can, and does, happen. (Hello, I have PTSD and think about death all the time.) 🤷🏼‍♀️

Here are some things that entered my orbit this week.

It came out in 2018, but I finally listened to The Dream, the podcast about pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing. WHEW. I want to say two things: 1) it’s not shitty or judgmental about the people who sell these products (WHO WE ALL KNOW), and 2) it’s really well done.

Years ago, 2015 maybe, Refinery 29 published a list of the best new podcasts and it’s from that list that I started listening to two of my favorite podcasts: Call Your Girlfriend and Put Your Hands Together. Put Your Hands Together is a weekly standup comedy podcast from UCB Los Angeles, and it’s hosted by Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, who were dating when the show started, got married, and are now getting divorced. They’ve decided to end the show and this week was Cameron’s last time hosting. I cried. Listen here.

I finished Stranger Things! Do you know how rare it is for me to finish something this soon after it came out? Man, the mall and the music in this season - so good. I worked at Hickory Hollow Mall in the early nineties and I opened one of the first stores in Cool Spring Galleria, so that 1985 mall vibe hit me hard.

Hi! Do you know I started a new podcast? It’s called Ladyland and you can follow along on IG. It’s the podcast version of These My Bitches. I sat down and recorded conversations with six Bitches, I mean Ladies, and it gets REAL. The teaser for Season One will be out this month and the first episode will air in August. Hooray!

If you’ve been meaning to ‘pick my brain’ about social media for yourself or your business, good news, you can do it for half the price. I’m teaching a workshop on Saturday, July 27 and it’s just $100 to attend. I charge $200 for a consultation, so this is the same info for half the price. What’s not to love? But legit move fast because it’s this Saturday.

P.S. Missed last week’s links? Catch up here!

P.P.S. Learn more about my social media workshop on July 27 and register here!

Weekly Roundup 7.7.19

Weekly Roundup 7.7.19