Weekly Roundup 5.19.19

Weekly Roundup 5.19.19


Well, this week was fun, right women and folx with a uterus? I’m carrying so much grief and anger in my body, I can’t even tell where it’s coming from anymore. But I’ll tell you this, a beat-up Corolla full of men in hard hats cut me off in traffic this week and I almost followed them home and chased them with my $60 Lululemon yoga mat.

I think because I’ve been so visibly angry online this week, I’ve had a bunch of people reach out and ask me how I’m taking care of myself and how I’m releasing some of this anger. Here’s what I did. I took 3 yoga classes. I binge-watched Pose on Netflix and cried a lot. I ate Jeni’s ice cream. I took day-long breaks from Twitter. I didn’t read comment threads on anyone’s posts. As I type this, I’m drinking an iced latte and listening to Beyonce, so maybe I feel better - ?

Here are some things that entered my orbit this week.

One of the best things about this Gen X article is how many people were shocked to find out they’re not Gen X, they’re millennials, which is like, the most millennial thing ever. Also, shout-out to Benetton Colors.

Have you watched Pose on Netflix? Man, I binged it this week and it’s so well done. I mean, I legit cried in every episode, but the episodes written by Janet Mock got me. Please know that I cry a lot watching tv because I’m too emotionally blocked to react in real-time to Life™️.

I’ve been pretty open on Instagram about being in recovery for disordered eating. One of the (free) resources I’m getting a lot of out of is the Food Psych podcast. Episode #195 is about fatphobia and the history of diet culture and and weight stigma. It me square in the solar plexus, which maybe you need, too?

If you live in Alabama or want to support people who need abortions there (or anywhere), here are some resources to donate your time and/or money to.

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