Social Media Workshop 05.01.19

Social Media Workshop 05.01.19


Good news for fans of my Office Hours video series. I’m hosting a social media workshop in Nashville on May 1, 2019!

Are you:

  • a small business owner managing your own social media

  • an artist/creative/maker who needs to be on Instagram, but isn’t sure how often to post

  • a blogger looking to increase engagement

  • a musician with an album coming out

  • an actor looking to increase followers

  • a hair and/or makeup artist looking to raise your visibility

  • thinking about running for elected office

  • a friend looking for an opportunity to support my business?

Then come to my workshop!

Please note: you must purchase a ticket on Eventbrite 👇 to attend.

Tickets available here!

We’ll be talking about content, branding, captions, authenticity, stories, scheduling, hashtags and more.

See you on May 1!

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Weekly Roundup 5.12.19

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