September Issues, 2018 Edition

September Issues, 2018 Edition


I felt it. Did you feel it? A few weeks ago, I woke up and it was darker than usual, and I thought, I could really go for a pumpkin spice latte right about now. Did you know they don't sell PSLs until September? Well, file that under: News You Can Use. I donned my finest yoga pants and Mazda-ed on down to TJ Maxx and bought the next best thing, a pumpkin candle. Then I went to every big box retailer in the mid-state area until I found all the current September issues. Was I wearing a sweatshirt in 90 degree weather? Yes. Did I spend $50 on magazines? Yes. Did I paint my nails while watching You've Got Mail? DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT.

If you're new here, hi, hello, welcome. This is the first in a two-part series about fall fashion, it’s a book report on the September issues. The second part will be a style guide on how to thrift the fall trends. Let's get started!


Paying $9.99 for a 646-page magazine that Beyonce is on? Yes, please. Vogue is the behemoth of September issues, and it’s always worth it in my opinion.


Let’s talk about socks with non-tennis shoes. Look, I’m here for it, but you do you. Not for nothing, but if follow, they’ve been pushing this trend for a minute now and they’re usually ahead of the curve.


I love this whole look: fishnet socks, brocade pants and embellished jacket. Also, you know I love a vintage tee with a high-end piece.


This Valentino color story is *chef’s kiss.


It’s hard to see, but this burnt orange, floor-length coat has fringe (!) and stripes around the wrist and down the sides. It’s something special.


I probably should have edited this out, but it speaks to the 21-year old me who read the entire Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles in one summer while hostessing at a Japanese hibachi restaurant.


Not a ton of makeup inspiration in the magazines this year, but I love this nude eye, dark lip look. Look, I told you I like vampires.


I’m low-key obsessed with this insane Balenciaga hooded sweatshirt look. I may or may not have already bought one…. Thrifted, not Balenciaga, duh.


Animal print, turbans, brocade, statement earrings. There’s a lot to like here.


I noticed this mix of herringbone and red floral a lot and I like it. I also like the secret pants under her dress.


Next up, Elle! Much lighter, much cheaper. Also, I read this cover as Emma Gets Stoned, lulz.


This plaid story is all through the magazines - plaid pants, plaid skirts, plaid blazers. Easily thriftable.


The category is: Middle School Liz Clairborne Realness. Turlenecks, cardigans, FINGERLESS GLOVES. I’m all up in my feelings over this.


ANIMAL PRINT! Note the mix of animal print with plaid and floral.


I’m interested in this, but I could be convinced I’m wrong.


I’ve already been living that fanny pack life, but I guess I’m about to start wearing it as a crossbody bag - ?


Last one! Smallest one! I found a few things in Marie Claire that I didn’t see in Vogue and Elle.


I like a structured bag, especially because they’re so easy to find in thrift stores. I have quite a few in differnet shapes and colors. Take note!


I don’t know what to pull from this, but I love it real hard.


More plaid inspiration. I like this big windowpane pattern.


My exuberance for this insane Working Girl meets Talking Heads ELEGANZA will not be tamed! I will ride for this lewk alllllllll day. All day!


Stay tuned for part two, how to recreate these looks on a budget!

P.S. Want more? Check out my September Issues post from 2017!

P.P.S. How to create a street style look on a budget!

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