My Friend Amanda

My Friend Amanda


If my life was the subject of a trivia night, the easiest question to answer would be: What activity does Kim do once a week in a basketball gym off Nolensville Pike? The answer, of course, is twerk class. But what you might not know is that for the entirety of my twerk career, I have carpooled and danced alongside my friend Amanda.

Those of you who knew me in my past life when I was a runner/endurance athlete/abuser of my joints will remember what it was like to do a long run with me: TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK. Well, now that I get my cardio from dirty Zumba™, my friend Amanda is the recipient of that talk talk talk talk talking. In the 2 1/2 years we've been carpooling to and fro twerk class 1-2 times a week, we've covered all topics that fall under the umbrellas of feminism, growing a family, body image, chronic illness, marriage, trauma, and religion. But... we also talk about rap, reality tv, celebrities on Instagram, and the best workout clothes you can buy without leaving your house.

Amanda is the friend who asks how your writing workshop went and then asks to read the essay you wrote. Amanda is the friend who asks if you need an intern because she has this student you should meet and that student goes on to become your first employee. Amanda is the friend who, when your life is upside down, says, "I'm going to order Domino's and watch bad tv if you want to come over and not talk." Amanda is the friend who texts you early in the morning and says, "Friend, Anthony Bourdain committed suicide. Don't get online."

Amanda enthusiatically applauds every ridiculous idea I have. Dress up like an obscure Russian drag queen for Halloween? Sure! For one week, replace all Instagram captions with The Judds' lyrics? OMG, you have to do that! Write a proposal for a children's book on Porch Cat and the lesson of forgiveness? Girl, duh.


My friend Amanda is smart like whoa and as such, has been accepted into a PhD program in another state. She is moving this weekend and tonight is her last twerk class. I cried while writing this and I will cry during class tonight when Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" comes on (it's our song and it's the song I've promised to teach her daughter in a couple years, you know, when she can walk). In addition to the 3 lbs of water weight I'm going to lose today crying, I'll leave you with this:

Love ain’t a candle
It doesn’t burn for one night
And need the dark to shine
Love is alive
— The Judds

May you all be as lucky as I am to have a friend like Amanda.

P.S. Read Amanda's These My Bitches profile here.

P.P.S. How I discovered twerk class by my year of not running.

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