Fall To Do List

Fall To Do List


Feel free to burn me at the most basic of stakes, but fall is my favorite season. I love my body, but I have a mid-section built for jackets. Of the three accepted candle scents: pumpkin, Christmas, and Anthropologie, pumpkin is my favorite. I have an exuberance for Halloween that confuses friends and loved ones alike. One summer in the late eighties, I roller skated to the video store every day and watched the entire horror section in alphabetical order. So if there is an old, hilarious horror movie that you remember, I’ve seen, I might own it, and I’m watching it from now until Home Alone season starts. Halloween pajamas, you ask? Yes, many. Multiple Rubbermaid tote boxes full of Halloween costumes and fall decor? Guilty as charged. An extra five pounds in pumpkin spice latte weight? One hundred percent.

As my favorite season kicks off, here are some things on my to do list.

  • ask John to climb up into the spider zone (attic) and retrieve my Halloween boxes

  • buy mums and pumpkins for the front porch

  • buy more Halloween pajamas

  • make first pot of chili

  • host book swap - pumpkin themed

  • watch Castle Rock on Hulu

  • watch Scream, Halloween, and The Shining

  • watch as many old Stephen King movies as possible

  • write fall to-thrift post

  • drink a pumpkin spice latte from somewhere better than Starbucks

  • go on a hike

  • make a fall themed (or Halloween) playlist

  • bake

  • buy more pumpkin candles

  • eat approximately one bag of candy corn

P.S. ICYMI: I wrote a round-up of trends from the September fashion magazines.

P.P.S. Here are 4 ways to upgrade your denim jacket for fall.

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