5 Ways a Social Media Consultant Can Help You

5 Ways a Social Media Consultant Can Help You

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When I was first cutting my social media teeth, I managed social media for political campaigns. It was a great learning experience because there was a finish line (election day), a goal (get elected), and the online voice I was creating was for a real, live human being.

Fun facts about me: I worked in a State Legislature, have a masters degree in public administration, and managed a multi-state, non-profit government relations department.

I literally made a career out of speaking on behalf of other people, which, SURPRISE, is what makes me successful as a social media manager.

So how does any of this help you if you’re not running for office? Easy!

Are you:

  • a band with an album coming out

  • a non-profit with a yearly fundraiser

  • an author with a book coming out

  • a yearly book or music festival

  • a restaurant with a grand opening

  • a retail space with a grand opening

  • a designer with a new product line

Good news! A lot of these events mirror a political campaign in that there’s a finish line, a goal, and a singular voice. Candidates don’t get elected because they spend 6 months telling you to vote for them. They get elected because they convinced you that you like them.

Social media works the same way! A social media strategy that is nothing but calls to action doesn’t work. But a social media strategy that takes the time to curate an authentic voice, includes a human element and builds a connection does work.


Here are some of the ways I can help you:

  • one-time consultation

  • monthly feedback sessions on what you’re posting

  • social media audit

  • content calendar creation

  • hashtags for your posts

If you’ve got a big event or campaign coming up and feel overwhelmed with how early to start promoting it, let me help. A great way to start is by scheduling a one-on-one consultation.

I work full-time at this so you don’t have to!

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