Friday Links

Friday Links


My friend bitch Amanda Valentine had one of her designs stolen, which she writes about here, but read through to the end for some real talk on fast fashion.

I've loved Missy Elliot, aka Misdemeanor, since college and this article on her being the embodiment of weird femininityis great.

My obsession with Samantha Irby continues and it's only 80% because she likes my posts on Instagram sometimes.

If you are a man who accidentally ended up here, this is for you. Lindy West: Real Men Might Get Made Fun Of.



You guys, I can't make myself watch anything current. Too many emotions! Instead, I'm living my best life on Hulu with Golden Girls and Beverly Hills 90210. I ain't sorry.

Are you forty-one years old and still paying off your student loan from EIGHTEEN YEARS ago? No, just me? This two-part podcast from Death Sex + Money about the shame around student loan debt is 1,000% worth the time investment. Shout-out to Mary Laura for the rec.

Stop whatever you're doing and listen to this podcast on Jay Z and Beyonce and the link between their albums, 4:44 and Lemonade. Make sure and listen to the end to get your mind blown by Jenna on the significance of the number four.


When I was in NYC a few months ago, these silky bomber jackets were in all the stores. I found one at Goodwill for 99 cents. 99 cents! Also, thanks to Louisa for the Vogue-worthy picture.


A FB page where UPS drivers post pictures of dogs they meet on their routes.

Cherry brown butter bars.

Myself! I'm a Goodwill style blogger and I'm hosting Style With A Purpose on July 27!

An Interview with Business Manager Cara Jackson

An Interview with Business Manager Cara Jackson

Friday Links

Friday Links