Friday Links

Friday Links


What The Latest NRA Ad Reveals About America

Celine Dion is having a moment, and I am here for it.

This whole article on Samira Wiley is great, but the last sentence about Margaret Atwood leaving a tongue emoji in an Instagram comment is hilarious.

One of the things I admire about millennials is their openness around mental health and therapy. I didn't go to therapy until I was 38 and it took awhile before I talked about it. Not this younger generation. They post selfies in their therapists' offices, and they're like, "#selfcareyall". I love it.



I watched the movie 20th Century Women on Amazon and it was great! I'm still making my way through the recent season of OITNB. I just watched the Piscatella episode - OMG. Every time I watch something that gives me emotions, I have to watch a palette cleanser like The Golden Girls or The Great British Baking Show, thus my slow progress on watching anything current.

A lot of the podcasts I listen to didn't upload new episodes this week. I assume because of the 4th of July. I listened to some filler, but nothing worth noting.


This is obviously from my Instagram Story, but I keep getting requests for pictures of me wearing my thrift store finds out in the wild, so here you go. Both the robe and t-shirt are from Bellevue Goodwill.


DJ Khaled in the NYT Fashion & Style section

Style with a Purpose

Ona Rex

Friday Links

Friday Links

2017 Reading Round Up, Part Two

2017 Reading Round Up, Part Two