Friday Links

Friday Links


Too real:  My Name is Mitch McConnell and I Owe Thanatos 22 Million Human Souls.

To know me is to know my obsession with RuPaul's Drag Race. This W Magazine piece on Sasha Velour is everything.

I'm new to the gospel of Dr. Jen Gunter, but I am all in.

Eff you, dude!!! See also: Men Be Better.



Twin Peaks is breaking my brain, you guys. I mean, in a good way, but still. David Lynch, what planet are you from?!

I love Jenji Kohan and she never does press, so I was excited when this popped up. I haven't had time watch GLOW yet, but it's on the docket.

Listen, I know. It's some bizarre white girl badge of honor to hate Lena Dunham, but I like her. And I'll tell you why. Because she apologizes, sincerely, every time she fucks up. And she fucks up a lot. Imagine if everyone at her level of fame owned up to their mistakes and then publicly self-corrected. No one apologizes anymore. No one thinks they're wrong. It's a slippery slope to not allow women public figures to be flawed. *steps off soapbox*

*2018 EDIT: Lena Dunham is a disaster.

The intro to this episode where they're talking about Nicolas Cage is legit lol.


Shockingly, the exterior robe is the only part of this outfit not supposed to be there. And yes, I bought it.


Sasha Velour's backup plan for "Stronger"

Cowgirls of Color

This sassy pineapple by my bitch, Betty Turbo

2017 Reading Round Up, Part Two

2017 Reading Round Up, Part Two

An Interview with Burlesque Student Becca Kemp

An Interview with Burlesque Student Becca Kemp