Friday Links

Friday Links


Lindy West went to the inaugural Goop "health and wellness expo" and lived to tell about it. This one's a must read.

Apparently podcasters will soon be able to get metrics on their listeners. This article is interesting, albeit dry, except for the part where it compares podcasts to blogs:

A parallel is being drawn between blogs — often described as once being a weird, free wonderland of creativity and expression — after they began experiencing these types of developments, and what may happen to podcasts and the relatively low-stakes ecosystem they have thus far enjoyed. Such worries include, among others, content and programming being cynically driven by metrics, the introduction of Big Business that would wipe out the freedom and experimentation afforded by the space, and the death of the medium’s independent spirit.

Bill Cosby Is Not Cliff Huxtable by Ashley C. Ford

Jennifer Justus continues to write pieces that I swear she writes specifically and only for me. Women in your forties without children, I present to you, The Groaning Cake. I legit cried while reading this, so grab some Kleenex.



I started the latest season of OITNB. OMG, the end of the second episode? Forget about it! So good. I keep forgetting to talk about it, but I'm also watching Veep and laughing my butt off. I'm surprised at how many people don't know to watch this show. Also (!) Insecure comes back on July 23!

Meh on podcasts this week. Here's what I've got.


I bought this at Goodwill for 99 cents. It's a size 16, but aren't sizes just a suggestion anyway? I'm wearing it, and while I'm wearing it, I'm laughing at the Zara version of this jacket that costs a lot more than 99 cents (it costs $70).


Living your best life in plus-size swimsuits.

"The Floor Is" memes.

Boomerangs as a privilege, not a right.

An Interview with Parnassus Musing Editor Mary Laura Philpott

An Interview with Parnassus Musing Editor Mary Laura Philpott

Friday Links

Friday Links