An Interview with Finance Blogger and Money Coach Kate Dore

An Interview with Finance Blogger and Money Coach Kate Dore

Welcome to the first installment of These My Nominated Bitches! Today's bitch was nominated by my friend Alexis, who wrote this lovely intro. Alexis, take it away!


I first met Kate many years ago through a girls happy hour set up by mutual friends (RIP Taco Tuesday). I was very interested in Kate's (former) job, but was mostly obsessed with her dainty hands and enviable brows. At the time, she was managing shows for bands and comedians and I was impressed by how aloof she was about working closely with the likes of Louis CK and Aziz Ansari. I remember her lamenting the grind of the job and the travel associated, but was still surprised when she announced that she had quit the job with no back-up job in place. This has never seemed like an option for me, so I'm always amazed when friends take this leap.

I started seeing mentions of Kate's blog in my social feeds and was instantly curious about her interest in finance, and especially in her net-worth "overshare" posts where she listed her assets and debts in great detail. I barely have the nerve to look at my own bank statements so this concept continues to fascinate me. I love watching her net worth grow, despite setbacks, and getting financial guidance from someone I relate to and know I can trust. I am so excited that she decided to pursue her certification as a financial planner. My dad is a CFP® so I know second-hand how rigorous the classes and certification process are, and how the work will help Kate's career goals.

Kate is a Real Deal Badass Bitch working in a field where bitches are outnumbered, so I'm very happy to promote her brows and her business in any way I can. --Alexis

What do you do and what is the name of your business?

I am a personal finance blogger, freelance writer, money coach, and aspiring CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™* My business is called Cashville Skyline.

*This is how the CFP Board requires we refer to the designation. I know it looks weird capitalized and with the ™ symbol in casual conversation.

When did you first learn about this field of work? How did you know it was what you wanted to do?

Four years ago I was depressed, burnt out, and desperate to get out of my dead-end career. I knew I needed to stop promoting concerts, but the long hours, travel, and stress left little time or energy to craft an exit strategy.

To make matters worse, I was regularly living above my means—buying designer clothes, partying multiple nights a week, and taking trips I couldn’t afford.

I learned about personal finance blogs through the forum of a free personal finance course I took through the University of California Irvine via Coursera.

I started my blog less than a year later, saved up a $20,000 emergency fund, and quit my job in the summer of 2014. A few months later, I landed a gig managing social media for a tech company, and I used my online marketing experience to grow my website.

After spending my 20s in entertainment, I knew I wanted the next phase of my career to have a more direct impact on others’ lives. For me, that’s helping people with their money.

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve been given?

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or end.

Can you name the biggest lesson you’ve learned or that helped improve the way you work?

In the past, I’ve wasted too much time making lists and getting organized out of anxiety. Now I just try to dive into my work quickly.

What would you do with 2 more hours a day?

A daily yoga class and cook tastier, more nutritious meals.

What has been the biggest sacrifice you’ve made?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve made a couple of risky career moves—quitting a full-time job without another one lined up in 2014 and not pursuing another full-time gig in 2016 after a huge company layoff.

These both have included a significant (but temporary) reduction in income. Last fall, I skipped a close friend’s wedding in Massachusetts and my boyfriend’s family ski trip in Colorado to keep my budget balanced.

What is your greatest success, or something you’re most proud of related to what you do?

Last month, I launched my first free e-course and it has been completed by nearly 100 students. And last week, I released my first paid course!

Do you have a morning ritual that helps you set the tone for the day?

I try to wake up by 7 or 7:30 and eat within one hour. Usually, it’s a piece of Ezekiel bread with avocado or almond butter plus a banana. I also enjoy a fresh ground cup of black coffee.

How do you decompress at night?

I *try* to step away from the computer and stop looking at my phone by 10. I enjoy a cup of Trader Joe’s ginger & turmeric tea. However, I haven’t been sleeping as well lately, so I’m thinking of adding some light yoga or meditation to help.

What helps when you’re stuck? Do you have a motto or quote that inspires/motivates you?

I am passionate about helping groups who have traditionally been underserved by the financial services industry—specifically women, people of color, and lower income folks. I try to remind myself of my why when I’m feeling discouraged.

What does self-care look like in your life?

I meet with a trainer and therapist who specializes in food issues once per week each. I’m also part of a body positive weight loss group. I try to walk outdoors for at least 15-30 minutes each day, and more recently, I’m working on being more mindful about my eating habits to avoid stress or emotional eating.

Are there any women who helped pave the way for your success?

Currently, only 23% of women hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. I’m super inspired by women who are successfully running their own virtual, fee-only financial planning firms like Pamela CapaladKatie BrewerSophia Bera, and Mary Beth Storjohann. Total rockstars!

Lastly, and most important, what is your favorite TV show and what is your favorite snack? 

Favorite snack? Tough to pick just one! Avocado with anything, raw cashews, apples with almond butter.

Favorite show? Don’t laugh—ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. An episode back in 2013 was the first television episode shot entirely in ASL!

All photos courtesy of Kate Dore

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