Christmas Card Roundup

Christmas Card Roundup

Not feeling the holiday spirit? Me either. I usually buy a few boxes of Christmas cards and send them out after Thanksgiving, but I'm not feeling it this year. But then.... I found all of these hilarious cards online! So maybe I'm feeling just a little bit of cheer.

If you can't get it together in time to buy these cards and get them out before Christmas, I feel you. My friend Jess has opened a store in East Nashville called Gift Horse, and Gift Horse is having a Holla Day Market on December 15 from 5-8pm. Go buy your cards there! And while you're there, buy a Dolly Parton makeup bag, or hot pink hotdog wrapping paper, or Golden Girls patches. Buy it all! It's my new favorite store.

In the meantime, here are my favorite holiday cards to buy without leaving your house.

A RUPAUL CHRISTMAS $4.25 via Seas and Peas

I discovered both TAY HAM and Jolly Awesome when I was in Boston. Their cards crack me up and I've bought, and sent, a lot of them. Definitely check them out on Instagram. They run sales all the time.

P.S. While you're online shopping, don't forget to treat yo' self! Might I recommend buying pins and patches for your favorite jacket?

P.P.S. Why you should support independent, shop local, and support Etsy -- An Interview with Artist, Agnes Barton-Sabo.

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