Friday Links

Friday Links

Reading This Week...

If you read nothing else, read this article from Kim France on depression, success, and the fascinating behind-the-scenes world of Conde Nast:  The Holiday Lunch.

"From artists to activists, an homage to the unheralded hands and hearts who built one of humanity's most iconic cities:  The Women Who Made New York."

If you know anything about female start-ups like Birchbox, Nasty Gal, or Who What Wear, then you know how hard it is for these women to get funding. Here's a look at the process from two women trying to fund their first business.

Empire mother-and-son duo, Taraji P. Henson and Jussie Smollett are the new faces of Viva Glam for M.A.C. Cosmetics.

Dear humans who have hate in your heart for Beyonce, please get right with God, and see a therapist.

If I Could Have A Picnic With Any 3 People...

Ira Glass

Cheryl Strayed

Steve Almond


Eyes And Ears...

Oy. Some heavy podcasts this week. This American Life covers the Republicans struggling with the split in their own party and the insanity (my word) around immigration and how facts don't matter anymore, even in journalism, which is supposed to be, you know, fact-based. Eye-opening and dispiriting. On Dear Sugar Radio, Cheryl and Steve are talking about female friendships. They tackle some heavy shit, like feeling like your friends are too busy for you, feeling left out when your friends become moms, feeling left out when your friend group hangs-out without you, breaking up with friends, and whether or not a friendship can withstand a Trump/Pence yard sign. I'll probably listen to this three more times.


4 Ways to Practice Self Care

4 Ways to Practice Self Care

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Denim Jacket for Fall

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Denim Jacket for Fall