Friday Links

Friday Links

Reading This Week...

Terence Crutcher

Keith Lamont Scott

. "

The presumption that people of color are dangerous is deeply entrenched in American law enforcement

," Bryan Stevenson. Scenes from the

Charlotte protest

. Arrested for

resisting murder

. "Everything is horrible and heartbreaking and most of us don’t know what to do,"

Sarah Von Bargen

. What white people can do to support


. Fifth grade students at the school the late Terence Crutcher’s daughter attends

have some questions


If I Could Have A Picnic With Any 3 People...


Amy Sedaris

Stephen Colbert


Eyes and Ears...

I started watching

One Mississippi

on Amazon and I looooove it! Disclaimer:  I'm a ride or die for

Tig Notaro

. I also started watching

RuPaul's Drag Race

because it's on Hulu. I can't believe I've lived so long without this show. I've been finding ways to work "Condragulations" into conversations all week. I found a new podcast,

Politically Re-Active

, with W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu. It's real good. Add it to your list. I went and saw/heard

Colson Whitehead

speak at Parnassus Books this week about his new book,

Underground Railroad

. Man, aside from Ann Patchett, this may be the most I've fangirled over an author.


I noted in my

fall thrifting post

that I was on the look-out for a "fancy sweatshirt". Nailed it.

I Endorse...

Armadillos as comfort animals

Delayed success

Women cussing online

An Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Rachel Briggs

An Interview with Esthetician and Entrepreneur Khabra Bryant