Friday Links

Friday Links

Reading This Week...

As an extrovert, I didn't realize how often I find myself uncomfortable around other people. This article on

social anxiety in the age of social media

 is eye-opening. Tim Gunn on the $20.4 BILLION being left on the table by fashion designers who

refuse to make clothes to fit American women

. I wish I could go back and show 2014-me this article on

compulsive over-exercising


The war on drugs is an epic fail

. Every new TV show of fall 2016,



Stephen Colbert

, truly doing the people's work.

If I Could Have Dinner With Anyone...

Tracee Ellis Ross

Ashley Graham

Rev. Faith Green-Timmons


Eyes and Ears...

This week's episode of

This American Life

has a hilarious story about a group of terrier owners in NYC who meet up at night to let their dogs hunt rats. One of my fave podcasts,

2 Dope Queens

, comes back next week. I'm almost caught up with

Jane the Virgin

and can start watching Season 3 in real time when it starts in October. I tried to start watching

Bob's Burgers

, but fell asleep and can't bring myself to watch what I missed. Is this show really that good?


Remember last week when we all thought it was funny that I bought a gold-framed


? Well, now I own a 3 ft tall, plush, handmade Mr. T doll.

I Endorse...

Head scarf emojis

Strange Women Society

Moving to



An Interview with Esthetician and Entrepreneur Khabra Bryant

Thrifting List for Fall

Thrifting List for Fall