Friday Links

Friday Links

Reading This Week....


town’s response

to a vandalized lesbian couple’s home warms my heart. 

Hillary Clinton has an 11th toe

, #ShowTheToe. This


of NYC’s first internet cafe in 1995. NASA just got in touch with a spacecraft that’s been


since October of 2014. The forgotten greatness of

Law & Order: SVU


This Week's Dream Dinner Party...

Helen Mirren

Cameron Esposito

Hillary Clinton's

speech writer


I'm still watching

Jane the Virgin

, but I got distracted this week by two Hulu shows:  



Difficult People

. Holy crap, are you guys watching

Difficult People

? It's like the funniest thing on TV, except it's on Hulu.


is great too, but for different reasons. I recommend both.


This is the Story of a Happy Marriage

We Were Liars

Mankiller:  A Chief and Her People

Thrift of the Week...

On my list for fall is a big, boxy denim jacket to cover in patches. This one is from St. John's Bay and it's a "petite", but I bought it anyway because as my friend Louisa says, a good denim jacket is like the white whale.

I Endorse...

We're With Her!


Meditation for perfectionists

Snapchat Vs. Instagram Stories

Snapchat Vs. Instagram Stories

Summer Thrifting

Summer Thrifting