Friday Links

Friday Links

Reading This Week...

Yes, Queens

how a generation of new voices are making podcasts more diverse.

Black lives matter more than white feelings

:  "Many of us don’t have a lot of firsthand experience with social-change movements. We’re pretty good at expressing ourselves on Facebook, but we don’t routinely walk around with our views written on a sign." Why you've got to quit the "

tough love

" for your fat friend's health. "But you don't look like you have an eating disorder."

Eight questions

to ask yourself about your relationship with food.

A guide

 for talking about female Olympians.

A black girl won a gold medal for swimming

and why it's so emotional for black Americans. A 54-count deck of

Woman Cards

, including Hillary Clinton, Beyonce and Rosa Parks. A 

dangerous article

 that outed gay Olympians.

Celebrity Roundtable...

Michael Phelps

Leslie Jones

Simone Biles

President Obama

Trump Tower suction-cup guy

Gif of the Week...


Sean L. Maloney


Olympics, duh

Jane the Virgin, Season 1, Episode 18

Stranger Things, Episode 1


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook

Thirft of the Week...

found for $3.99 at

Southern Thrift

I Endorse...

The recently re-opened, renovated

Belcourt Theatre



The Bodyguard


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Diet Industry Drop-Out

Diet Industry Drop-Out

An Interview with Sign Language Interpreter Rhonda Andrews