December Thrifting

December Thrifting

We've got us a little blizzard here in Nashville and I'm on day two of being stuck inside the house. Since I can't hit the real shops, I 'shopped' my photos and compiled a Best Of from my December thrifting adventures. Spoiler alert:  I went to Sparta.

I mean, who doesn't love a latch-hook football pillow? P.S. This was HUGE.

I keep buying coats and not wearing them, so I didn't buy this. It was $17. I liked the fit and the stripes, but not the tapered wrists and padded shoulders. Meh. I'd rather pay $149 to have 

this super awesome one


I didn't buy this either, although I probably should have since it was just $6. I already own too many red jackets that I don't wear. The piping detail on that sleeve though...

Heh! I for sure owned a version of this jacket when I was little. I just wanted to try it on. I didn't buy it.

I randomly find these cat mysteries and they crack me up every time. Look at that cat's expression!

Sparta! I was in Sparta over Christmas and hit their antique malls. I bought this 1940's chenille quilt for $25!! The cashier told me there's no way the vendor meant to price it so low, but he wasn't there and she didn't care. She kept laughing about how mad he's going to be as she rang me up. It was very strange. Also? I found a butter dish with a swastika on it. Sparta...

Okay, first of all, the McMinnville Goodwill store is terrifying, but I found this amazing, fringed, pom-pomed, gold lame cape for FOUR DOLLARS!!! It photographs green, but it's gold in person. It's the current joy of my life.

I really wanted this coat of many colors to fit, but it didn't. Much as I love over-sized clothes, apparently 3XL is too far over the line.

I'm not even kidding when I say I almost bought this Lee Sturdy Sweats sweatshirt dress. It was way too big and absolutely ridiculous, but the color was great and it was so comfortable! (Because it's a sweatshirt.)

I didn't buy this because it was oddly way overpriced, but I flipped through it and it was hilarious. It's hard to tell in this picture, but it's yearbook-sized.

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