Super Thrift!

Super Thrift!

If I were a super hero, I would be Super Thrift! I'd put on my cape (thrifted) and fly down to Marshall County and shop in all of my favorite thrift stores. Alas, I can't fly, and I'm too lazy to drive further than Bellevue, so I make do.

A few months out of the year, I am flush with cash and buy myself fancy, $200 shirts. The rest of the year, instead of putting money aside for future fancy, $200 shirts, I spend all of my money on coffee cups and caftans. I do this for two reasons.

One, I am a natural born shopper. Seriously, it is a disservice to the retail industry that the majority of the time, I cannot afford to shop. When I get the itch, but gots no fundz, I spend a few hours in a thrift store, fulfilled by my $8 purchase.

Two, I am an off the charts extrovert who works from home. Thrifting is a way I make people interact with me. Who do I talk to? Everybody! I've made friends with the stock guy at Southern Thrift, so much so that he now helps me take my Instagram pictures, which brings me to the other people I talk to - you! If you follow me on Instagram, I am forcing you to interact with me while I'm shopping.

Here are a few of the treasures I've unearthed while thrifting, aka my greatest hits.

two-tiered brass bar cart with glass shelves (barely fit in my car)

Lewisburg junk store (now out of business, RIP)


YSL vintage trench coat

Lewisburg Goodwill


3-pack of Diptyque candles (and that brass mirror)

Lawrenceburg Goodwill

$3 (and $10)

knock-off Eames chair (also barely fit in my car)

Pulaski church yard sale


So those are all things I've bought. One could argue that the greater list is the list of things I didn't buy! Come with me on a stroll down Instagram memory lane.

This giant wicker


throne. It was like $15. I should have bought it, not that it would have fit in my car. This was the same place I found the bar cart. It was this awesome, and terrifying, road-side junk shop in Lewisburg that went out of business. Because I was their business and I was only there once a month.

THESE PORTRAITS. I wanted these so bad, but they were $40 each. I found them at Music City Thrift on Nolensville Road.

I found this awesome brass mirror at the Music City Thrift and should have bought it, but didn't. It was like $8.

Ignore the shirt/bust in the middle. Look at these mariachi lamps!!! This was the Goodwill in Lawrenceburg. I think they were $7 a piece. Sigh...

This sweater was ahead of its time. Based on my hair, this picture is from 2012. I found that sweater at the Goodwill in Fayetteville for nothing, $6 probably. I didn't buy it because everyone on Instagram made fun of me. I'd be so cool now if I owned that gd sweater.

I found this silk jacket in Arkansas for $20. I didn't buy it, but I've thought about it a lot and wished it hung in my closet.

Speaking of jackets, last but not least, I found this treasure at the Southern Thrift. I can't even tell you how many times I've thought about and wished I had this jacket. It was quilted on the inside!

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