Half Ironman 70.3 Series

Are you registered for a 70.3 race in 2016? I'm not! But here's what I am going to be doing with my time - sharing everything I learned during my 7 months of training and 7 hours of racing. I had a triathlon coach, swim coach and nutritionist. I'll be tapping them for help on these posts, as well as other triathlete friends. It's going to be so fun, you guys!

Here are the topics I'm thinking about:

training schedule
training costs
what gear you need to get started
hydration and nutrition
swimming:  OWS
other races while training
long ride nutrition/recovery
bike maintenance and flats
bike classes
vagina maintenance (v. important)
rice cakes
places to ride
yoga and strength training
race day outfit
post-race gear/bag
post-race recovery
race week nutrition
race day tips:  Garmin
                        bathroom breaks

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

If you're a triathlete, you know the official 'Ironman' name and race series is trademarked. That means no other races can call themselves 'Ironman'. There are tons of awesome independent 70.3 races that will be easier on your wallet, and you refer to those races as 'Half-Iron distance', as opposed to 'Half Ironman'.

You're an Iron(wo)man when you complete a 140.6 Iron(wo)man race. You're not going to be able to keep your family from referring to you as such, but check yourself around other triathletes, especially ones who have done a 140.6. These nutjobs are going to be your greatest resource for all things training and race related. Respect the time, money and training it took to get there. That M-Dot calf tattoo don't come cheap.

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