Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

In 2014, I left the 9-to-5 world and started my own business, which means working from home, and working irregular hours. Creating a morning ritual has been a life-saver. When I'm tired or overwhelmed, I can spend hours staring at a screen until I muster the fortitude to answer emails. Having a way to start my day makes waking up easier and keeps me on an even keel.

Morning Ritual:

  • meditate
  • make coffee
  • 20-minutes reading
  • 10-minutes reading
  • 10-minutes journaling
  • breakfast
  • start working

Initially, I was reading business books, but I read too many and hate them all now, so I spend 20 minutes reading which ever library book is due and then 10 minutes reading an inspirational/creative book.

You'll notice that "check email" is nowhere on this list. That's on purpose. I do not get online or look at my phone until after I've done my morning ritual. In fact, I set my phone to Do Not Disturb until after breakfast. Gone are the days of waking up, looking at my phone and letting whatever is in my inbox or on Twitter dictate my mood for the day.

Let's talk about journaling. Here's what I do: 3 blog ideas, and a list-form brain dump. The lists look something like:  Anxious About, Excited About, Proud Of, Grateful For, Reach Out To, etc. It helps clear my mind before my day starts. I use a blank Moleskine notebook, but there are all kinds of guided journaling/free-writing workbooks if you struggle for content.

I've also started doing affirmations because, turns out, I'm one hell of a manifester. I keep an affirmation journal nearby that I read in the morning. Go ahead, roll your eyes. I'm laughing all the way to the bank, fools.

I'm a morning person, so I like to front-load my day because I lose my creativity in the afternoon. After breakfast, I'll work hard writing all my content for the day and then I spend the afternoon checking notifications, answering email, etc.

So this is what I do every morning! I love it. I start my day in a good mood, inspired, calm, and with a list of ideas I can get creative with later. Try it for yourself!

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