2016 Planners:  An Investigative Report (Not Really)

2016 Planners: An Investigative Report (Not Really)

It's the time of year when I buy my 2016 planner. Actually, it's a month past when I buy it because I can't decide what I want. I think I'm over Erin Condren. I've used her


for two years, but it doesn't suit my needs anymore. I need more space to write and make lists. And I need the pages to be broken down by time.

P.S. If anyone wants $10 off their Erin Condren order, you can use

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Passion Planner

A month or so ago, I bought a 2015

Passion Planner

as a test to see if that's what I want to buy for 2016. Now this planner, I like. But it's not cute, like at all. There are no bells and whistles. It's just a legit planner. But it's great for someone like me who's using a planner to track my time, set goals, make to do lists, etc.

Rifle Paper Co

I haven't seen this planner in person yet, but I've had two friends tell me this is what they're buying. It's the

Rifle Paper Co. 17-month planner

(Rifle's website is down). This planner is, of course, gorgeous. It would look great on my desk and in pictures, but it's similar to the Erin Condren planner in that it's primarily a place to write down appointments.

Plum Paper

So a thing that most planners don't have, and I really like, is the day broken down into 30-minute increments, as opposed to "morning, afternoon, evening". One planner that does this is the planner by

Plum Paper on Etsy

. (The Passion Planner also does this.) My friend has this and it looks like the Erin Condren planner, but you can break your day into times, you can add pages like "To Do List" and "Blog Planning Section", and it's affordable.

I use Google Calendar for my schedule, so I don't need a planner to write down appointments or work-outs. As a small business owner, I need a planner to stay on track. The Passion Planner is good because it takes your goals and breaks them down to monthly, weekly and daily steps. And the weekly layout has sections to put in the week's and day's focus, personal and work to-do lists, good things that happened and a brainstorming space. I love the functionality of the Passion Planner, but I wish it had some pizazz. And I kind of wish it was spiral-bound.

Launch Pad

On a related note, I bought this

Launch Pad

on a friend's recommendation and am really into it. I have about a million ideas a day that I do nothing with. I'm hoping this helps me see some of them through to development. I'm also interested in it's companion,

Make It Happen!: A Workbook & Productivity Tracker for Getting Stuff Done


Bitches be planning!

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