How To Repost Pictures In Instagram

How To Repost Pictures In Instagram

Do you ever wonder how your friends repost pictures on Instagram? Do they take a screen shot and crop out the edges? Maybe, but there's better way. I use the

Repost for Instagram

app. The app is available for both IOS and Android.

I have an iPhone, so Android users, adjust these steps as necessary. First, go to the app store and download the app. It's free with the option to upgrade to a pro account for $4.99. I use the free account.

After the app finishes downloading, simply open it.

When you open the app, you'll see this welcome screen asking you to log in to your Instagram account.

Enter your Instagram username and password and click "Log in". Note the box at the bottom of the screen. This will be checked to automatically follow @RepostApp in Instagram. You can either uncheck this box before logging in, or if you miss it, which I always do, you can unfollow them later in Instagram.

Once you've logged in, Repost takes you to your Likes page, correctly assuming that you "liked" the picture you want to repost. If not, you have the option to search for an image.

Click on the image you'd like to repost, preferably a monkey surrounded by fat stacks.

You can get creative with the Repost tag box. They give you the choice of 4 screen positions in either light or dark. They also give you the option of no tag box at all. I always use a tag box to make it clear I'm not taking credit for the image.

This step is confusing. The only thing you have to click on this screen is "OK". The text is automatically copied to your clipboard and will magically reappear later in the process.

Next, click on the Instagram icon.

Then proceed in Instagram like you usually do - choose a filter, hit Next.

You'll come to this familiar screen. But don't start typing. Remember, you have text copied to your clipboard.

Click "Paste".

You can edit this text however you like, but I do recommend keeping it as-is. If I add any commentary, I add it at the beginning, before "#Repost". Again, this is to make it clear that you're not stealing the image and to give credit to the original user.

When you're finished with the text, hit Share!

Voila! You have successfully reposted an image on Instagram. Now, go forth and repost!

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