Mid-Week Musings

Maybe I'll expound upon some of this later. Maybe I won't. In the meantime, here's what is rambling around in my noggin today.

I've been off of Facebook for two months. It feels hypocritical to work in social media and not participate in social media. So I'm going back on. But! A lot of you motherfuckers are getting hidden.

I also logged back on to MyFitnessPal today. I went off a month ago, breaking my insane 890 day streak. I'm still struggling with where calorie tracking fits into my life. Maybe it doesn't. I mean, I'm 39 years old. At what point can I trust that I know what to eat and how much to exercise? We'll see.

Last week, I heard the song "Birdhouse In Your Soul" by They Might Be Giants and LOST MY MIND. Why has it never occurred to buy my favorite album from the early nineties? You can buy everything online! So I bought it and it is the air that I breathe. I highly recommend you go immediately to iTunes or Amazon and buy your favorite album from high school.

I've been catching up on

So You Think You Can Dance

on Hulu. This show is so good!! This year, there's a street team and a stage team, and they're competing against each other! You guys, there's a Hebrew breaker, a tapper, a girl with a bum leg from a car wreck, and a #shero from Detroit called 'Standing O'. OMG. So good.

The weather this week has me yearning for fall. I read through all the September issues over the weekend and can't wait to start my fall style board on Pinterest. Also, crockpots, chili, pumpkin everything, running again -- I can't wait!

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Cookies For Firemen