Meditating and Shit

I'm not really going to talk about meditation because I don't think I can talk about it in a way that does justice to how much it has helped me. But... I tried meditation a year ago, had a bad experience and decided it wasn't for me. I've had a lot of trouble understanding the point of meditation, as well as how to do it. I like to do things that have instructions and a reward at the end. Meditation is neither of those things.

After a lot of discussions with smart people, I started to understand meditation. I've been doing it every day for about six weeks now. While it is helping me tremendously, some days, you just feel like shit. This week has been crap, and yesterday in particular was a doozy. I went to sleep in a bad mood and woke up in a bad mood.

I meditate in the morning before my brain turns on and before I get online. This morning I was too agitated to meditate, so I checked my email. John had sent this

hilarious video

in the middle of the night. I normally wouldn't have seen it until later, but I checked my email this morning instead of meditating.

It was exactly what I needed to see/hear. I laughed until I cried. And now I feel totally fine. Maybe I just needed to laugh. Or cry. Either way, I feel better. Also, if I ever become a yoga instructor or shaman, you bet your ass this is how I'll roll.

Enjoy (NSFW):

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