Birchbox Review: April

The April


 was so cute! I've been a big fan of all things Rifle Paper Co. for a long time and was excited to get this cute little box in the mail. Here's what was inside!

Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush

, $26

Years ago, possibly even back when I lived in NYC, I remember Cargo blush being THE BLUSH. You could only buy it at Club Monaco, I think - ? Anyway. I don't typically use powder blush, preferring stain or cream, but this peach color is right-on. It's supposed to be sweat-proof, which will definitely come in handy during the sweltering, Tennessee summer.

WEI Manuka Bee Venom Mask

, $60

I used this mask one night and loved it. It was super moisturizing and felt amazing on my skin. But then... I got up early the next morning and went for a run and my face caught on fire. Not really, but kind of. After the run, my friend Melanie looked up the ingredient list and reported it's 50% chemicals and 50% acid, thus explaining the stinging sensation on my sweat-drenched face. I don't care. I still love this mask. I take a real 'no pain, no gain' approach to skin care. Also, LOL the negative comments from people allergic to bees.

Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Moisturizing Shampoo

, $15

Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Repairing Conditioner

, $16

I'm reviewing this shampoo and conditioner together, because duh. These products are marketed as "restorative formulas that repair strands and strengthen dry hair".  I was real into it, and loved the scent, then I started seeing comments about how it has sodium laurel sulfate. So... not color-safe. Bye bye, Beaver.

Not Soap, Radio Body Wash - Bathing with sharks

, $16

I didn't love this. It didn't lather up enough for my taste. The scent is fine, but it did remind me of old school, late 90s Bath & Body Works. Meh.

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