Weekend Wrap Up: Organize It Edition

My friend, and graphic designer to the stars, Meg, bought a totally rad new house in East Nashville and invited us ladies over to check it out. I have a huge crush on Meg's new digs and won't rest until my entire house is painted grey.

You know some days you wake up and your brain's like, 'Not today, bitch'? Saturday was one of those days. I published 

this post

about maybe not doing my race, which begged the question, if I'm not doing the race, am I still going to ride my trainer for an hour? Turns out, no. But then I sat on the couch and beat myself up for not riding my trainer. Then I started eating. Then I closed the curtains, laid down on the couch and started watching

House of Cards

. Thankfully Carolyn texted and asked if I wanted to go shopping. Yes! Yes I do.

I was on a quest for acrylic makeup organizers, but needed to expand my search beyond Nashville West and Bellevue, so we went to Rivergate. We hit that Rivergate TJ Maxx HARD. I think we were in there for three hours, #2Legit2Quit. Then we went to Goodwill where I scored this vintage Pendleton blazer. I tried it on, then decided I didn't want it and set it down, but Carolyn made me go back and get it, and after looking at these pictures, I'm glad she did. I don't know what I was thinking (probably that I was hungry), but good save C-Bass!

My entire existence hinged on whether or not I worked out on Sunday. The only answer was to do the GD run, so without giving it another thought, I got dressed and drove to Belle Meade Blvd. I ran 7 miles. Alone. In the rain. I rewarded myself with Tequila's. John and I feasted on fajitas, and not just any fajitas, Fajitas Texanas, because sometimes you have to splurge for those two pieces of shrimp.

When I'm stressed out or working through a big decision, I clear my mind by tackling an organization project. I typically organize existing systems, like shoes, scarves, jewelry, etc. But sometimes I have to go buy new systems and re-work the whole thing. I've been real pissed off at my makeup zone lately. I need to see it all in one place. And I


acrylic organizers.

I realized these suckers exist all over the place, but the ones I found were either the wrong style, or the right style, but broken. I finally found what I wanted at the Rivergate TJ Maxx. So I sat at the dining room table yesterday, pulled all my makeup out of everywhere and organized it into this thing. It was very cathartic. I only kept what I actually wear, or new samples from Birchbox that I haven't tried yet. I threw away a ton of stuff and made a give-away bag of stuff I've only used once or twice. I feel so much better!

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