Weekend Wrap Up: Pizza Pizza Pizza Edition

I just realized that I ate pizza every day this weekend. On Friday, I celebrated a friend's birthday with homemade lobster pizza; on Saturday, I had pizza at City House; and on Sunday, John and I ate lunch at Desano. Tragically, I have no evidence of this pizza bonanza, so here's a picture of this car I was fortunate enough to park beside on Friday morning in Hillsboro Village.

On Saturday, I did my first outdoor ride since September. It was supposed to be a lot warmer than it was, of course. I basically just took what I'd wear for a long run and doubled it. My stomach hurt for hours because of all the different waistbands I had on. I was cold, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. I tagged along on a group ride that started at Shelby and went to the Percy Priest dam and back, about 24 miles. I had a lot of fun and miraculously remembered how to shift and clip-out. Yay, muscle memory!

Another thing I remembered, riding my bike makes me really hungry. Luckily, my friend Carolyn was nearby, so we met up at Mas Tacos where I ordered, and ate, all of the things. I don't remember what I did the rest of the day, but that night, I met my friend Meg at City House to thank her for designing my logo. Oh hello, belly ham pizza, WITH AN EGG. Per Mary Katherine's recommendation, we also treated ourselves to the Tennessee Waltz cake. Y'all. Go get that cake.

Early Sunday morning, before the rain set in, my lady gang met for a long run. We got rained on a little, so we warmed up at Dose with coffee and breakfast biscuits. You'd think eating an egg and cheese biscuit for breakfast would deter me from eating pizza for lunch. You'd be wrong. Hello, training metabolism!

Last night, while most people were watching the SuperBall-FootBowl, I was down the street being an extra in a photo shoot with my friend Freya. I played the part of rhythmically-challenged triathlete turns to burlesque for alternative fitness. Look for me soon on the

Delinquent Debutantes

website in the back row robotically doing all of the wrong moves.

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