Weekend Wrap Up: Old Slickory Edition

We had an ice storm in Nashville last week. I couldn't drive on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, tried driving on Thursday - mistake, and went back to not driving on Friday. Our driveway kept re-freezing, as did the street in front of our house. By Saturday afternoon, I decided I was going to Target if I had to put on my wetsuit and walk there.

It finally melted enough on Saturday afternoon for me to drive. I made it to Target. And Marshall's. And Old Navy. I


new pajama pants, a black pencil skirt and ankle-length black pants. Target had absolutely nothing in my size. So I bought this candle. It was $10 and smells like the fancy one from Anthropologie. I got the rug and two black shirts at Marshall's. I heart that rug so hard. They had a million of them. This one was $30, but they had a bunch for $15 and $20, FYI. I hate Old Navy, but I knew they'd have pajama pants (on sale for $9), and they had nice-ish black pants and an okay black pencil skirt. Done.

My #1 homegirl, Lana, is running a full marathon on Saturday. I haven't done a long run in 2 weeks, but Melanie and I really wanted to run Lana's last long training run with her. She needed to run 8 miles, so we met at Belle Meade Blvd and ran the last 6 miles with her. And shockingly, none of us fell! (Everything was still covered in ice, except it was black ice now.)

Good luck on Saturday, Lana! Show Arizona the HAM!!!

Later on Sunday, I got to watch this little guy blow out the candle on his first birthday cake. Happy first birthday, Charlie! Your mom throws a mean party! (Alexis, I hope there's less babies at the Christmas party though.)

My plan on Sunday night was to watch the Oscar Awards a la our digital antenna. Nope. ABC was blacked out for the night. No problem, it's streaming online. Nope, not actually streaming. Only streaming things you can't see on TV, like the "backstage cam", the "audience cam", and my personal favorite, the "thank you cam". I hate you, ABC.

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