L.A. Wrap Up: Grammys Edition, Part One

Oh hey, did you know John and I went to the Grammys? You probably didn't know. I kept it pretty under wraps. Kidding! It was obviously the most I've ever talked about anything in my life. File under: duh - John got nominated for a Grammy. Over the years, he's worked on a lot of projects that have been nominated, but this was the first time he, himself got nominated. So we went. We were there for five days, stayed with a very generous friend in Los Feliz, HAD A BLAST, and would move there tomorrow if we could afford it. Here's how it went down.

On Friday we had breakfast with our 

Light In The Attic

 friends at

Little Dom's

. I had buckwheat polenta and sat behind

Aziz Ansari

. It was very L.A. Aziz was with

John Cho

and a girl I couldn't place. I didn't take a picture because he was literally 2 feet in front of me and there was no way to pull it off. You're welcome, Aziz.

There was an event on Friday night for the nominees in John's category. I had already made plans with my friend Dawn, so John and I parted ways for the night. I went and hung out at Dawn's Hollywood apartment and then we did a little shopping, drank a little wine, and she took me out for ramen. Holy crap, L.A. ramen!

On Saturday night we had the Special Merit Awards and Nominees Reception, which everyone told us was the biggest event of the weekend. We had to be there at some crazy time, like 2:30 or 3:00, so it was a short day. We were cruising around looking at stuff when we passed the food truck zone and the

Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits

. We shockingly found a parking spot, so we ate sandwiches from the Banh In The USA truck (delicious) and then walked over to the tar pits.

P.S. John wants you to know that La Brea means "the tar", so we're all saying "the the tar tar pits".

We left the the tar tar pits and drove to the

Wilshire Ebell Theatre

for the awards and reception. I got real excited when we got there because there was a red carpet and paparazzi. I excitedly sent the tweet, "Celebrities!!!". Turns out, it was just Jane Fonda and Barry Gibb. But still. It was really cool. Once we were seated, they started the program by having all of the nominees stand up and John got to stand up and have the whole theatre clap for him. I may have cried.

The nominees reception afterwards was super awesome and super fancy, though some chairs wouldn't have killed them. My feet still hurt. But there was all this food, an open bar, even a Grammy merch table. There was a special room just for the nominees and they got their nominee medallion and their official Grammy photo taken. John said when he signed in, the name directly under his was Beck. (Beck wasn't there.)

They had food at the reception, but I couldn't really get to it. When I finally did, I put two giant shrimp on my plate and then promptly proceeded to shoot them across the room. Wet plate, wet shrimp, dry fork - didn't work out so well. We left the reception and grabbed dinner at

Canters Deli

before heading out to the Santa Monica Pier. We walked around the pier, walked out to the ocean, and then headed back to get some rest for our big day on Sunday.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Sunday was nuts. John's award was in the Premiere Ceremony that started at 12:30pm, but we had to be there at 11:00am. And then the big, televised awards show started at 5:00pm, but you had to be inside, in your seats by 4:45pm. Then! The Grammy after-party started at 9:00pm and went until, well, in our case, 2:00am. Yes, I stayed out that late. Yes, I'm still tired. No, I still can't feel my feet.

Impromptu decision:  I'm cutting this post in half. It's already too long and I still have 1,000 more words to write about Beyonce. Next up:  John's ceremony and THE GRAMMYS!!!

To be continued.

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