Weekend Wrap Up: Popping Tags Edition

Oh hey, my face. While it was sleeting on Friday night, I kept warm under a blanket of chemicals and aluminum foil. Like the US Postal Service, neither rain, sleet, nor snow can keep me from my bi-monthly hair appointment. Also, for those keeping score at home, I didn't cut my hair. I'm not stopping until I achieve 

Crystal Gayle

 status. Apparently.

So the good news is, my fancy, new bike trainer is so quiet that Linda can sleep through my living room work-outs. The bad news is, Linda sleeps through my living room work-outs, #rude.

My friend April started an Article Club. She posted three articles online and we met at her house to discuss. We read






. As you may have deduced from my going off of Facebook for a month, I don't search out opportunities for tenuous conversation. But I've known April a long time and I trust her, plus few things get me going like group activities and meeting new people. There was also pizza and wine, so... duh.

I had a blast! April did a great job curating the right mix of attendees. We varied in age from 29-40+, single/divorced vs. married/re-married, children vs. no children, corporate vs. self-employed, cat vs. dog. It worked. We had real awesome, real respectful, real-talk. I had so much fun and can't wait for the next one.

My Sunday lady gang is a little disbanded at the moment, so I ended up running on my own yesterday. Sundays are supposed to be my long runs, but I keep not actually running long distances. I hurt my knees running that half marathon in December, so I've been slowing building back up. I ran five miles in Shelby yesterday, pretty fast:  10:22, 10:25, 10:26, 10:04, 9:34. Hooray, almost negative splits!

Because I don't have any friends anymore (kidding, kidding), I didn't do my post-run breakfast biscuit at Dose, so I was STARVING. John and I went to lunch at Kien Giang. Y'all, I'm not even kidding, I ate that banh mi as an appetizer.

File under: Duh. John and I are going to the Grammy's next week. There are three events that I need outfits for and finding those outfits will stand to be the greatest stressor of my life. Have I enlisted the help of a stylist? Yes. Have I ordered everything from everywhere? Yes. Do I have any idea what I'm wearing? No.

I found a gold blazer on

Nasty Gal

that I tried to buy only to find it exists solely in Mary Kate Olsen size. I've since made it my mission to find a gold blazer. I kind of found one. I think. I found this guy at the Rivergate Goodwill yesterday, where, pro tip, their blazer game is ON POINT. It's Calvin Klein and it appears to be brand new. It may need to be taken in a little, so we'll see (more pics on


). To be continued...

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