Weekend Wrap Up: Women Be Thrifting Edition

Friday morning was our annual holiday Pancake run and breakfast at Mary Katherine and Marshall's. We ran a cold 3 miles and then came in and ate a HUGE homemade breakfast. I'm talking monkey bread (with browned butter), frittata, cheese grits, biscuits, jam and Starbucks coffee. It was so nice! Love my Pancake girls. Bonus points if you spy the cat in this picture.

On Friday night, I met Katie and Alexis at



Otaku South

. This was a whole lot of firsts for me. It was my first time at POP, and it was my first time eating ramen. I know. I have no excuse. I've been obsessed with eating ramen since watching Season One of

Mind of a Chef

with David Chang. I got the hot chicken bun, spicy paitan ramen, and they brought us these super tasty little bun/pies. I loved it so much! I also really loved the POP space. I'll definitely be back, #eatmoreramen.

I dedicated Saturday to Christmas shopping. Carolyn came out and joined me and we shopped until we dropped. I started at 10:00am and didn't get back home until after 4:00pm. It was intense. Carolyn took this hilarious picture of me at lunch. I was very confused about what was happening. She's calling it my 'wait, what?' picture.

I met my lady gang on Sunday morning for a 5-mile run in Shelby Bottoms. I wasn't sure I wanted to run at all, let alone 5 miles, but it went by super fast and my knee didn't bother me. Thanks, body! On my way home, I stopped at Red Bicycle and grabbed a latte (and then I secretly went back to Nashville West and bought more stuff - shhh).

John and I grabbed lunch at Thai Kitchen and then decided to hit the thrift stores on Nolensville Road. I hit the motherload at Music City Thrift. They had probably 15-ish of these painting in various sizes and prices, all signed by the same artist from 1971-1975. I wanted all of them, but I only bought this one. I also bought a box of Scripture cat cards, which some of you may see in your mailbox this week...

After Music City Thrift, we went on down the road to Thrift Smart. I kind of hate Thrift Smart, but their book selection is NUTS, so I always go. I'm going through a serious coffee cup phase right now in my thrifting. I bought all of these except the Expect To Win one because it was chipped. They were only a quarter!

On our way home, John ran in to Grimey's to buy the MOJO he's in and Rollum was there, so they made dinner plans for the four of us. It's always funny when the men make the plans. (John) "We're having dinner with Katie and Rollum!" (Me) "Okay. Where? When?" (John) "Oh, I don't know. But we're having dinner with Katie and Rollum!" Alas, a plan was made and we feasted on this fine array of vegetarian Indian fare.

P.S. You have got to see the rest of my thrifting pictures. Someone please go buy those paintings. Full thrifting photostream



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