Weekend Wrap Up: Vaping, Baking and Barking Edition

On Friday afternoon, I did a photo session (shoot?) for my business website. Because I don't half-ass anything, I asked my friend


to do my hair and makeup. It's the best I've ever looked. I'm talking Kardashian-level contouring and highlighting. It took 2.5 hours to get me there, but man. Gio - thank you!

I worked with photographer Brian Risse, who some of you may know as Mr. Courtney Krampf. Brian spent about 2-3 hours shooting me in/around my house. Lot of prop changes, lot of outfit changes. Speaking of, shout-out to my girl Anjeanetta who came over earlier in the week to style my outfits and accessories for the shoot. It takes a village, people.

On Saturday, I put my dancing shoes (literally) and my santa hat in my cute, new Light In the Attic tote and headed down the road to

Delinquent Debutantes

for my Santa Baby Burlesque workshop with unicorn to the stars, Freya West. I had so much fun!!! It took 2 hours, but Freya taught me a 3 1/2 minute dance routine to "Santa Baby". Believe it!

Little known fact:  Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for recording engineers. John Baldwin basically doesn't sleep in December. On Saturday night, he needed to pick some stuff up in East Nashville, so we grabbed ramen while we were over there. Yes, this is my second time in one week. I'm addicted!

On Sunday morning, I drove to Brentwood to meet Melanie and Jessica for a 6-mile run on the greenway. Afterwards, we spent easily 20 minutes taking pictures of ourselves with this bear. I call this one,

"Bearly" Made the Podium

. Ba da bum!

I ran a few last minute Christmas errands and then went home to bake all the things. And eat too much of the things. One day I'm going to get salmonella from raw eggs, but until then, COOKIE DOUGH FOR LIFE.

I was listening to Christmas music while I was baking (duh). John had ran out to get more vaping supplies (I know). When he got back, this hilarious Stephen Colbert Christmas song was on that we both love, so he grabbed his guitar and sat down and learned it. Our house is real ridiculous sometimes.

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