Weekend Wrap Up: Thanksgiving Edition

On Thursday, I donned my turkey hat and drove to Belle Meade for the Boulevard Bolt. I've been starting my Thanksgiving day by running this 5-mile race since 2010. It does nothing to offset the insane amount of food I eat that day, but it sure makes me feel better about it!

We hosted Friendsgiving again this year and had a blast eating and drinking with our friends all day and night. We had more people than our poor, little eat-in kitchen could hold, which was honestly a dream come true for me. It was an awesome day and I'm grateful to have such fun, thoughtful and culinarily skilled friends. And to everyone I beat that night playing Cards Against Humanity, in your face, sucka!

Friday got off to a late start. Pie hangover. I lounged around all day until it was time for my hair appointment and then I begrudgingly put on makeup and pants. You're welcome, Jordan. I spent Friday night trying to get rid of all the wine and pie in my house, and then got on the internet (as evidenced above). Always a good idea. I should install a breathalyzer on my Macbook.

I picked up my shopping buddy Carolyn on Saturday morning and we did the Gallatin Galavant. We were a little early, but it was still fun. According to the pics I saw on Instagram, it got going later in the afternoon (search the hashtag "gallatingalavant" to see all the pics). Courtney at Hey Rooster General Store was giving out samples of her new sausage balls biz, Yalls Balls, and they were DELICIOUS. Check them out at Porter Flea this weekend. I highly recommend her Blue Balls. (I'm not kidding!)

As we're all painfully aware, Lisa Donovan has left Husk. While I'm happy for her and wish her the absolute best, I will miss that buttermilk chess pie. To celebrate (read: cry), Mary Katherine and I bought one of her pies to eat and drink over after Thanksgiving. We got together Saturday afternoon and ate that whole damn pie.

High on sugar, I came home and put up our Christmas tree. Every year, I say I'm going to get a nice, big, ALIVE tree, but no. I just keep putting up this artificial tree we bought at Big Lots for my sister's Christmas wedding in 2003. Maybe next year.

I'm running the Team Magic Holiday Half Marathon this Saturday, so yesterday was my last long, taper run. Melanie and I met Lana and ran 6 miles around West End/Vandy. It was actually a pretty tough run for me. Probably because I don't drink and I had done nothing but drink and eat pie for 3 straight days. But also, it was 64 degrees and my body forgot how to breath in non-20 degree weather.

After a stop at Dose for coffee and biscuits, I ran some errands with John and then we sat in front of the tree and almost finished

Twin Peaks

. We only have 1 episode left!

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