Weekend Wrap Up: Holiday Half Edition


my last blog post

. I hope to one day be the kind of person who's not surprised by the quality of people around her. I didn't know what I needed when I wrote that blog post, but now I know what I have - an enlightened, loving, supportive friend-tribe. Today I have a heart filled with gratitude, not sadness. Thank you.

On Friday, I helped my friend


set up her booth at Porter Flea. I know nothing about the craft fair world and was astounded at how much work it is to be a vendor at one of these things. It took both of our cars and hours of work to get her set up. But it was a lot of fun. And! She gave me a necklace for my time! I took

The Archer

, which is her top seller and currently sold out (unless you snagged one this weekend). My second fav is

The Mesa

, which is still available (but hurry).

So the other thing that happened on Friday is....


GOT NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY!!! This is his first Grammy nomination!

Late Saturday morning, I ran my 6th half marathon, the Team Magic Mt. Juliet Holiday Half. As you can see, a lot of my East Nasty friends ran it, too. My goal was to run a 10:00min/mi and finish in 2:13:00, but my knees gave out and I did a walk/run for the last 2-3 miles. I still beat my best time (2:34:00) by 12 minutes with a new PR of 2:22:00! My average pace was 10:46min/mi, #HAM!

It was a late race. I didn't get home until after 3pm, which gave me just enough time to ice my knees, shower and head to Mary Katherine and Marshall's holiday party. I usually dress up for this shindig, but A) none of my dresses fit me anymore, and B) I didn't trust myself in heels 4 hours post-half marathon, so jeans and Converse it was. Oh, and my new Acorn and Archer necklace.

Yesterday was super chill. Either I'm unusually sore from my race, or I've forgotten what it feels like to be sore. Regardless, I could hardly walk yesterday. John took me to brunch at The Stone Fox, which was DELICIOUS, and then we just lounged around the house all day.

Pssst -- I have a big, fun, surprise blog post coming up tomorrow morning, so stay tuned!

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