Weekend Wrap Up: Thrifting Edition

On Saturday morning I met Melanie, Casey and Polly at Bongo East to run the 10-mile Bongo to Bongo route. Afterwards, we treated ourselves to brunch at

Mas Tacos

. I've eaten Mas Tacos, but only from the truck. This was my first time in the restaurant. Everything I ate blew my mind, the tacos, of course, but the horchata iced coffee, oh my god, and the tortilla soup, forget about it. So good. Teresa, girl, you complete me.

After brunch, Melanie and I checked out a vintage yard sale with

East CAN

. We just wanted to pet the dogs. I did score a bunch of awesome records for John though. The yard sale sparked the thrifting part of my brain, so when Melanie and I parted ways, I drove to Southern Thrift on Charlotte, and basically spent the rest of the day there, #blessed.

I wanted this shirt so bad, but it didn't fit. Or maybe it would've fit had I not still been wearing my sports bra (and running tights - god, sorry). Whatever. The label was Kenny Rogers Western Collection (!!).

At first, I posted this jacket as a joke and said it's what I'm wearing to everyone's Christmas and Chanukah parties this year. I went ahead and took it into the dressing room, again just to be funny, but then something happened and I kind of fell in love with it. I hemmed and hawed over it, but ultimately left it behind. It was $10, too big and wool-lined, which would make it too hot to wear 90% of the time. But man...

Changing my long run to Saturday meant I didn't have to get up and do anything on Sunday, so I cracked open this salted Belgian chocolate stout I bought at

Woodland Wine Merchant

recently. Y'all, this beer, nay, stout, was well worth the $10 price tag. It was delicious! And strong! So strong. I spent my night making nachos and live-tweeting my way through

Wayne's World




On Sunday, John and I had a day. We went to

Martin's BBQ Joint

and dined on heaping plates of delicious meat. Seriously, love that place. Then we coffee-ed up at

Eighth and Roast

and hit the Tennessee Antique Mall. I almost bought this $25 "bean pot" with the 4 little bean bowls, but I didn't, primarily because I don't have anywhere to put it. But I hearted it real hard.

We left the antique mall and went over to Grimey's, where John bought all the CDs. Sufficiently shopped out, we went back home and made our Thanksgiving shopping list. We're hosting a Friendsgiving again this year, so we braved the terrible weather and trekked over to Publix to get our turkey and then planted ourselves on the couch and watched more 

Twin Peaks


More thrifting pics 



Bumps n' Grinds

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